Don’t Miss Financial Aid Application Deadlines

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The holidays are over, and if you or your child are planning to attend college in the fall, that means just one thing. It’s time to fill out financial aid applications. Whether your student is applying for scholarships, grants or student loans, the deadlines loom in the very near future if they haven’t already passed. Here are some tips provided by Cobra Payday Loans to help you get started.

Look up your deadlines

Deadlines for financial aid vary. If you are applying for help using the Free Application for Student Financial Aid, or FAFSA, the federal deadline is June 30 for all forms submitted online. But don’t relax! The deadline for your state may be significantly sooner, and your school may have rules of its own.

Check the deadline lookup tool at the Federal Student Aid website to find out what the deadlines are for your state and school. In New York, for example, the deadline is June 30, the same as the federal deadline. But in Oklahoma, your forms must be turned in by March 1 in order to be considered for state aid. In Illinois, the state advises students to turn in their forms as soon as possible after January 1, because aid will only be awarded until the money runs out.

Double check for scholarships

You are probably already looking for all the scholarships available to you, and may have even applied for some. Keep looking and applying, and double check the deadlines so your forms are turned in early. You may need evidence that you have filed your taxes or completed your FAFSA, so complete these tasks as soon as possible.

Get your taxes in order

If at all possible, file your taxes early in the season. Let your employer know you are applying for scholarships and financial aid, and ask if you can get a copy of your W-2 as quickly as possible after the first of the year. Get help preparing your taxes this year if needed. You’ll need fast and accurate returns in order to get your financial aid applications filed correctly and on time.

Call the financial aid office

I know a student whose parents thought he had all of his financial aid covered in the form of scholarships and tuition and fee waivers his freshman year of college. They didn’t discover that his school was not covered until midway through his first semester. By then he had accrued big bills and had to change schools.

Don’t let this happen to you. Call the financial aid office now to confirm all deadlines for aid. And then call again later to verify what aid your student will be receiving, if any. Make sure you have confirmation of financial awards in writing before the semester begins.